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Important Events in Rincon de Guayabitos

Eventos y Festivales de Guayabitos
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  • Tianguis Guayabitos
  • Semana Santa
  • The Fly In
  • Volchomania
  • MotoFiesta Guayabitos
  • The Margarita Challenge
  • Taste of Jaltemba



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About Guayabitos, Beach and Areas of Interest

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Rincon de Guayabitos is a small and colorful resort and fishing village nestled between the rugged Sierra Madre Occidental mountains and the gentle Bay of Jaltemba. It is widely known as a safe, friendly, and family-oriented beach town, as well as a vacation spot for budget-conscious travelers. Over the past 5-10 years, Guayabitos has gained popularity as a vacation and second home destination for Americans, Canadians and Europeans. The name Rincon de Guayabitos means corner of “little guava trees” in reference to the guava orchards that used to be planted throughout the bay area. Avenida del Sol Nuevo (main street) stretches the entire length of Guayabitos. At the main entrance, the town is divided into two areas: if you turn left (south) you will head past the plaza and church, and into the Hotel and Commercial Zone; if you turn right (north) you'll drive past the tourist office and police station, and into the Residential Zone. The Zona Hotelera (Hotel and Commercial Zone) is jam-packed with hotels, bungalows, condos and trailer parks that draw Americans and Canadians during the winter months and Mexicans in the summer, Christmas and Easter holiday. There are also several mercados (grocery stores), pharmacies, gift shops offering Mexican handicrafts, jewelry and clothing stores, discos, and restaurants and stands featuring Mexican and American cuisine. The atmosphere here is casual, relaxed and beachy. In contrast, the Zona Residencial (Residential Zone) is comprised of vacation homes large and small with beautifully maintained pools and gardens, and winding cobblestone streets lined with manicured trees and shrubs. There are several Bed and Breakfasts and rentals homes, a few hotels and bungalows, as well as tennis, pickleball and bocce ball courts.

The Bay of Jaltemba where Rincon de Guayabitos resides is also know as the "largest swimming pool in the world" for it's distinctive shape and gentle,swimmer-friendly waters.

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You won't miss two islands in the Bay of Jaltemba called Coral Island and Crab Island..as well as assorted Coves and Tropical Beaches along it's edges,starting from Punta Raza and Heading up North to Chacala.

During the winter months in Guayabitos hosts an annual Cultural Festival in the main plaza with music,dance and assorted acts..it takes place every weekend in Febuary.

Getting There

Transportes Pacífico first- and second-class buses (southbound for Puerto Vallarta, and northbound for Tepic, Guadalajara, and Mazatlán) routinely stop (about twice every daylight hour, each direction) both at the main highway entrance to Guayabitos’s Avenida del Sol Nuevo and at La Peñita’s main Highway 200 crossing. The same is true of Estrella Blanca buses (Transportes Norte de Sonora), southbound to Puerto Vallarta and northbound to San Blas; and Elite, southbound to Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, and Acapulco, and northbound to Tepic, Guadalajara, Mazatlan and the U.S. border.

The Guayabitos coast is easily accessible by taxi (about $60 for four) from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Buses (which you must board at the Puerto Vallarta bus station, north of the airport) and taxis cover the 39-mile (62 km) distance to Guayabitos in around an hour.

Guayabitos has several beaches surrounding the Jaltemba Bay coastline,you can explore La Penita de Jaltemba and it's beach or go South to Los Ayala and choose from two beaches and a third beach that is accessable only by boat called Playa del Beso

Rincon de Guayabitos has all the modern infrastructure of a family tourist destination with out the hype and glitz of big city tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta or Cancun.Thus, prices for accomodations and restaurants in Guayabitos tend to be lower and more of a value.